Welding / Fire Blamket

This high temperature, heat and flame resistant thermal insulating welding Blanket will withstand temperatures of 1500°F / 815°C continuous exposure and is capable of withstanding temperatures of 2000°F / 1093°C for short periods.

The base High Temperature fiberglass fabric is fabricated from high quality type E fiberglass that will not burn. The fabric is then coated with a heat treated dispersant. This material resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents. It is highly flexible and conformable.


Common application include welding spark protection blankets/ curtains, plumbers pads, fire protection, insulation mattress/jacket cover material, high temperature fabric seals.

1500ºF / 815ºC : Welding Blankets For Molten Melt & Welding Splatter