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Sujoy Enterprises is the leading Pneumatic Fittings suppliers, dealers, traders in Pune, Maharashtra. A pneumatic fittings system is any kind of mechanized or automated process or machine whose actions are carried out by pressurized gas or compressed air. In our pneumatic fittings, the pressurized gas that powers the required mechanisms is transported to where it is needed through an airtight network consisting of sturdy tubing, rigid tubing, or flexible lengths of hose. increase.

Most of these channels are interconnected and multiple devices are driven by various pneumatic fittings valves, couplers, and adapters. Our Pneumatic Connector is any connector designed to connect components or devices in a sealed, pressurized, dry air arrangement.

Types Of Pneumatic Fittings

  • • Compression fittings
    A compression fitting is any type of fitting that uses compression force to connect a vessel to a fitting. This type uses a metal gasket, ring, or ferrule that seals the vessel by compression.
  • • Push to connect
    The end of the connector is designed to accept tubing by pushing it into the end. These connectors are usually released by pulling back on some collar. These connections are useful for applications in systems that require frequent reconnections and disconnections.
  • • Thread Fittings
    As the name suggests, threaded fittings have threads on the inner (inner) or outer (outer) surface and are intended for mating threaded connections. A thread that provides an easy connection but does not provide a positive seal is called a straight thread.
  • • Ball and sleeve fitting
    A ball and sleeve joint connects the outer sleeve to the inner (ball) joint. Pull back the sleeve to separate the ends of the fitting. Some ball and socket fittings serve as push connect fittings for applications that require frequent disconnection and reconnection of hose assemblies.

Features Of Pneumatic Fittings

  • • Vacuum connection ports are designed for installing or connecting equipment when the system is pressurized.
  • • Expansion joints and couplings connect sections of pipe and allow movability due to shock, load, or thermal cycling during operation.
  • • Lined fittings are manufactured with an integral liner. Liners are often made from engineering polymers for use in process materials and for purposes such as food processing where media hygiene is critical.
  • • Plated fittings feature surface treatments, coatings, or coatings that improve thermal properties, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, or other desirable surface properties.
  • • The swivel feature allows one or more mounting ends to swivel or rotate.


  • Q1. What are pneumatic fittings and what are they used for?

    Pneumatic fittings are connectors that join components or devices in a pressurized dry-air system. These are used for pneumatic logic, control, and instrumentation.

  • Q2. What are the types and features of pneumatic fittings?

    Pneumatic fittings can be classified by material, shape, connection type, and function. They can have features such as tight seals, low pressure requirements, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance.

  • Q3. How to choose the right pneumatic fitting for a specific application?

    To choose the right pneumatic fitting, one should consider factors such as tube size, thread type, flow rate, working pressure, temperature range, and compatibility with the system.