High Temperature Woven Silica Sleeve

REX Silica cloth is a high performance textile fabric that is composed of high purity, high strength amorphous silica fibres, woven into a strong flexible fabric designed for use where severe temperature conditions exist.

The manufacturing process of REX Silica cloth provide improved brasion resistance against traditional silica fabrics and will not burn, rot, mildew or deteriorate and resist most acids. It will keep good state when it works at 1000ÂșC for a long time.

Typical Applications :
  • Welding & Burning Saftey Blankets & Curtains
  • Furnace High Temperature insulation
  • Furnace Curtains
  • Thermocouple Insulation
  • Stress Relieving Insulation
  • Flange & valve Covers
  • High Temperature Composites
  • Fuel line insulation
Available Sizes For Silica Cloth

Thickness : 0.4mm, 0.8mmWidth : 1000.0mm