Die Spring Suppliers, Dealers and Traders in Pune, Maharashtra

Die Spring Suppliers in Pune

Sujoy Enterprises is the leading Die Spring suppliers, dealers, traders in Pune, Maharashtra offering a wide range of die springs in both oil tempered and chrome alloy materials. Our Die springs are mainly used in mold machinery and are also suitable for many applications where high static or shock loads are required or where maximum cycle life is important. By adopting a square wire, the overall height is kept low, and it is designed to improve space efficiency.

We provide a specialized type of equipment that enables the production of metal parts. It can be used to make everything from engine parts and machine parts to furniture and other household items.

A spring is a metal structure that can be bent, twisted, compressed, and deformed into different shapes. It can also be made from different materials. The elasticity of springs can be used to create all types of useful devices such as springs that do not bend or twist, or springs that withstand compression.

Die Spring Suppliers, Traders and Dealers - Main Features

  • • Strict And Profound Performance
  • • Mass Production
  • • Good Design
  • • Guaranteed Long-Term Service
  • • Corrosion And Rust Resistant

Die Spring Suppliers, Traders and Dealers - Components

Die Spring consists of the two parts: -

Die & Spring

  • • Die is a part that forms the shape of the part to be molded. A spring is a metal cylinder that pushes the mold into place to form.
  • • Springs keep the machine running, going from idle to full speed within seconds or minutes. It also has an internal gear system that allows it to spin faster when needed.

Die Spring Suppliers, Traders and Dealers - Applications & Uses

  • • Die Spring is used in factories, mines, power plants, gas stations, private homes, etc. Matrix springs are made in the form of coils.
  • • It is used to make springs for making various parts. Springs are made by rings. Mechanical components are often used in the construction and manufacturing industries.
  • • Spring pressure flows to form a spring, but can be used in other active areas.


  • Q1. What is a die spring and how does it work?

    A die spring is a type of compression spring made of rectangular wire with rounded corners. It stores energy when compressed and resists separation.

  • Q2. What are the types and applications of die springs?

    Die springs can be classified into types based on their color, which indicates their load rating. These can be used for applications such as press tools, moulds, paper, and die casting.

  • Q3. What are the benefits of using our die springs?

    Our Die springs come with various benefits like: -
    • High load capacity
    • Low Cost
    • Durability, and
    • Space efficiency