High Temperature Ceramic Fibre Sleeve

Rex Ceramic fibre braided sleeve is manufactured from ceramic fibre yarn. by themethod of tubular braiding to obtain a flexible sleeve, suitable for caulking and genetral thermal insulation, pplication, with properties of low thermal conductivity and suitable for high temperature, etc. Ceramic sleeve is widely used hoses and cableprotection material.

Rex Ceramic can be easily reinforced with either glasses fibre yarn or metallic wire. (stainless steel or nickel wire).

Color :White

Temprature Range :1260°C continuous 1800°C melting point

Chemical Composition :70% Al, 30% SiO2

Density : 0.6 to 0.8 g/cc

Wave Style :Braided

Sizes available :10 mm to 75 mm - inner diameter

Normal Packing :5kgs 25kgs/roll

  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Will not burn or smolder.
  • Resistance to thermal shock.
  • Resistance to vibration and stress.
  • High tensile with SS reinforced.
  • Max Continuous temperature: 650C. With Glass fiber reinforced.
  • Max Continuous temperature: 1260C. With Stainless Steel reinforced
  • Melting Temperature : 1800°C