High Temperature Woven Ceramic Cloth

Our Ceramic cloth is a woven material made from alumina-silica ceramic fiber and has a continuous operating temperature of 2300sF / 1260sC. It has excellent chemical stability and strong resistance to thermal shock and corrosion attack.

Available with either inconel wire or fiberglass filament insert to increase handling strength and enhance fiber durability, standard rolls are 36 inch wide by 50 feet long. It can be coated with vermiculite or graphite and is an ideal material for gaskets, expansion joints, welding. blankets and curtains, and insulation blankets / pads, folded and stitched strips and tapes and tadpole tapes.

Our ceramic cloth provided a versatile solution to your high temperature protection needs in the construction, power plant primary metals, chemical processing, shipyards, refinery, mining, and many other industries