Fire Sleeve / Pyro jacket RL - 936

High Grade Silicone Rubber Bonded to Fiberglass Sleeve

REX Silicone Sleeve & Tape is desined to protect hoses. res and cables from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame protects continuously to 260°C/500°F and will withstand a molen splash at 1200°C/2200 F mace of krised fiberglass yams in a flexible yams in a Sexble substrate, it is then cacted with a high grade cone rubber

Resistant to hydraulic furs, lubricating als and fuels, REX Silicon Sleeve & Tepe insulates against energy loss in pping and hosing protects employees from bums and allows "bunding of wires, hoses and cables. The Braided version allows qualified hose assembles to pass AS 10550 testing under sates flow and pressure conditions