Plunger Pump Suppliers, Dealers & Traders in Pune, Maharashtra

Plunger Pump Suppliers in Pune

Sujoy Enterprises is the trusted Plunger Pump suppliers, dealers and traders in Pune, Maharashtra. Our plunger pump range is useful for various manufacturing and engineering applications. Our spring plungers are made from high quality materials such as stainless steel, brass, steel and techno polymers and can be processed smoothly.

Plunger is a small, narrow device used to position and index various components. It can be used in many industrial applications such as packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, and machine tools. These are spring elements consisting of balls and pins. Also called ball catcher. Our ball plunger is characterized by using a ball on the top. Ball lock pins are used for indexing and locking.

Plunger Pump Design Features

  • • Variable lift mechanism with positive feedback.
  • • There is a linear relationship between controller setting and stroke length.
  • • The capacity can be adjusted steplessly from zero to maximum, both when the pump is stationary and when it is running.
  • • Pump performance measurement accuracy of ± 1% at each setting from 10% to 100% of volume.
  • • Multiplexing capability allows the coupling of multiple pumps driven by a common motor.
  • • Each pump's flow can be individually adjusted or stopped as needed.
  • • The drive side mechanism is completely sealed and both operate in oil.

What are is Specialty of our Plunger Pump?

We have prepared an upgraded version of the plunger or spring plunger with a movable ball that expands the range of applications. The features of our plungers pump are: -

  • • Simplicity and Accurate Power
  • • Stainless steel improves corrosion resistance
  • • Available at competitive price
  • • Big savings
  • • Various installation methods


  • Q1. What is a plunger pump and how does it work?

    A plunger pump is a type of reciprocating pump that uses a smooth cylindrical plunger to move fluid through a stationary high-pressure seal.

  • Q2. What are the types and applications of plunger pumps?

    Plunger pumps can be classified into types such as simplex, duplex, triplex, etc. based on the number of cylinders. They can be used for applications such as sewage, oil, water jetting, etc.

  • Q3. What are the advantages of our plunger pumps?

    Our Plunger pumps have advantages such as: -
    • High pressure
    • High efficiency
    • Long life, and
    • Easy maintenance