Rex Packing Gasket Suppliers, Dealers, Traders In Pune, Maharashtra

Rex Packing Gasket Suppliers in Pune

Sujoy Enterprises is the suppliers, dealers, traders of Rex packing Gasket in Pune, Maharashtra providing the industrial packaging products featuring excellent durability and high mechanical strength. Our packing gaskets and seals are designed to solve all kinds of leakage problems and can be used in the most severe conditions.

Our gasket sets are known for their excellent workmanship, superior strength, effective sealing, and high dimensional accuracy. In addition, we have established a prominent position in this field by responding to the diverse needs of our customers.

Our Rex Packing Gasket kit is designed using premium materials and engineering to comply with established industry standards. The supplied gasket set has been thoroughly checked for quality to ensure you receive a perfect product.

Reliable Features

  • • High durability
  • • Robust construction
  • • Easy to Install
  • • Precision design
  • • High strength
  • • Dimensional accuracy
  • • High durability

Rex Packing Gasket Suppliers In Pune

With the main goal of providing the highest quality products, we have developed a high-end infrastructure system consisting of optimized production units, quality control units and storage facilities. To ensure that there are no defects, we assure our customers that the quality parameters of our Rex gaskets are checked. Considering the customer's choice, the Gasket Packing kits we offer are available in various specifications.

By making effective use of raw materials and production equipment, we can produce a variety of seals that precisely meet the needs of the automotive industry. We guarantee the extended functionality of these seals through rigorous testing under various parameters in our quality control unit. Moreover, we have a competent team with extensive expertise to ensure high quality production at every stage.


  • Q1. What is Rex Packing Gasket?

    Rex Packing Gasket is a product of Rex Sealing, a manufacturer and exporter of sealing, packing and insulation products.

  • Q2. What are the types and applications of Rex Packing Gasket?

    Rex Packing Gasket includes jointing sheets, gland packing, tadpole gaskets, graphite sheets rings, etc. They are used for sealing and insulating pipes, valves, flanges, boilers, furnaces, etc.

  • Q3. What are the features of Rex Packing Gasket?

    • Our rex packing gaskets are made of world class sealing, packing and insulation materials such as jointing sheets, fabric expansion joints, gland packing, fire sleeve, ropes, bellows, etc.
    • These can withstand high temperatures, pressures, and corrosive environments.
    • These are suitable for various industrial applications such as pipes, valves, flanges, boilers, furnaces, turbines, etc.