Polycarbonate Sheet Suppliers, Dealers, Traders in Pune

Polycarbonate Sheet Suppliers, Dealers, Traders in Pune

Sujoy Enterprises is the the foremost Polycarbonate Sheet suppliers, dealers and traders in Pune, Maharashtra. The series of our Polycarbonate roofing sheets are used to obtain a wide variety of high quality plastic products. These plates perform optimally even at high temperatures and have a long service life.

Our polycarbonate sheets are safe to use and are highly appreciated by our customers for their reliability and light weight. It has excellent weather and chemical resistance and is available in the market at an affordable price. The versatility of transparent polycarbonate sheet makes it an ideal choice for glazing in a variety of industries.

In addition to light transmission, our Polycarbonate Sheet suppliers in Pune, also has similar properties such as high impact resistance, UV resistance, flame retardancy and light weight.

Exclusive Properties

  • • High impact resistance
  • • low scratch resistance
  • • Easy installation
  • • Excellent optical clarity
  • • Protection from violent attacks
  • • User friendly

Features of Polycarbonate Sheet

  • • Continuous
  • • Available in wide color range
  • • Lightweight
  • • Sheets available in large sizes
  • • Flame-retardant
  • • Affordable
  • • Weather-resistant
  • • High impact resistance
  • • Excellent light transmission
  • • High Heat-resistant

Application Areas

  • • Aerospace
  • • Transportation
  • • Electrical And Electronics
  • • Building And Construction Sector
  • • Telecommunications & Industrial Machines Industries
  • • Machine Guards
  • • Roof & Facade Glazing
  • • Signage and Led Light Covers
  • • Sound Walls
  • • Exhibits And Displays


  • Q1. What is a polycarbonate sheet and how is it made?

    A polycarbonate sheet is a plastic sheet made of polycarbonate, which is a thermoplastic polymer derived from bisphenol A and phosgene monomer.

  • Q2. Name some properties of polycarbonate sheets?

    Polycarbonate sheets have properties such as transparency, toughness, impact resistance, and flame retardance. These sheets have benefits such as low weight, easy installation, and high insulation.

  • Q3. What are the applications and uses of polycarbonate sheets?

    Polycarbonate sheets can be used for applications such as roofing, skylights, glazing, signs, displays, and greenhouses. These can also be embossed, multiwall, or compact.

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