Fire Sleeve With Velcro

High Grade Silicone Rubber Bonded to Woven Fiberglass Matting and Secured with a hook & Loop Closure.

REX Silicone Shield with a Hook and Loop Closure is designed to protect hoses, wires and cables from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame. It protects continuously a molten splash/2200F woven fiberglass yams in a flexible substrate, its then casted with one side high grade silicone rubber

Its unique Hook & Loop Closure allows application in situ without the need to dismantle and reconnect and reconnect fittings and termiantes. Repair of existing installations is performed with a minimum of labour and downtime.

Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lobricating oils and fuels. REX Silicon with a minimum average weight per square yard of 98 ounces, insulates against energy loss in pping and hosing, protects employees from bums and allows shielding of induction furnace from splashes of molten metal