High Temperature Woven Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fiber Cloth

It is a soft, flexible cloth made of ceramic fiber yarn reinforced by steel wire with vermiculate coated. It is an ideal replacement for asbestos product used for thermal insulation and heat protection. It will not burn, rot, mildew or deteriorate and resist most acids. It has low coefficient of thermal expansion and is suitable for temperature up to 1050sC.

Applications :

Used in welding blankets, stress relieving, removable insulation covers, fire blankets, fire Curtains expansion joints, oven door seals, flue ducts, flue liner protection, Cable protection, Pipe wrap, High temperature gaskets.

Advantage :

Compared to uncoated Ceramic fiber, vermiculite coated Ceramic fiber fabric cloth has little irritation of skin and provides increased resistance to high temperature, flame, and abrasion. In addition, the vermiculite film helps to seal against gases and liquids. Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Cloth is completely non-flammable.

Normal Dimension : Thickness : 1.5mm ~ 4.0mm width 1000mm

Normal Packing : 30m / roll