High Temperature Woven Tapes Industrial, Grade Tetraglas, Tetraglas 3000& Ceramic tapes

Tetraplas is woven fiberglass tape made with type E texturized yarns. Available in both plain and drop wrap weave, it has continuous operation temperature of 1000sF / 540sC and has excellent resistance to most acids, alkalis and solvents. We also offer a lighter weight Industrial Grade material. Both constructs can be coated with Vermiculite or PTEF

Tetraglas 3000 is constructed from amorphous silica fibers and has continuous operating temperature of 2000sF/1090sC. It is also available as both plain and drop warp tape. Vermiculite coating can be added to this product to increase abrasion resistance.

Ceramic fiber tape has a continuous operating temperature of 3000sF / 1649sC. It is woven with an insert material of either glass fibers or inconel wire for added strength and durability